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[FH7z] FHS meter part 1

[FH7z] FHS meter – Top 72 of fastest creations in Scrap Mechanic! /part 1/

For the first time in Scrap Mechanic you are able to measure speed!


Have you ever wondered “How fast things are moving in Scrap Mechanic?! Is it better to ride our favorite Gecko Truck or is it better to go by foot? What is the difference?”? We asked the same questions and after 6 months of building, testing and documenting the results, we are proud to present our Top 72 list of fastest creation in Scrap Mechanic! (2017-2018 edition)

Today we are presenting speed like never before in part 1 of our special episode “[FH7z] FHS meter – Top 72 of fastest creations in Scrap Mechanic!”


For all episodes, info, download links, instructions and more, go to our FHS main page!


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