[FH7z] Stop Watch v1 in Scrap Mechanic

[FH7z] Stop Watch v1 – Scrap Mechanic ep. 0000000

We are very happy to announce the first episode of our Scrap Mechanic project!

After more than 6 months of work we would like to to present our “accurate and versatile device capable of time measurement”. Or simply said – this is a Stop Watch device, that was developed to be the backbone for our FHS meter. As such it is created to be precise up to 1/4 of tenth of a second, be user-friendly, can be connected to variety of inputs and it has an amazing technology that we’ve decided to share it with you all. Please enjoy!

Link to workshop item: [FH7z] Stop Watch v1

Link to YouTube video: [FH7z] Stop Watch v1 – Scrap Mechanic ep. 0000000


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