[FH7z] Gecko Truck - King of the hill!

Scrap Mechanic project

If you like fast action, easy game-play and low network latency then Scrap Mechanic is not for you! There are so many games you can do this but not a lot that provides what Scrap Mechanic can – it makes you think.


Having spent hundreds (literally) of hours on games like GTA, WarThunder, ARK, HOTS, etc. I am able to tell you a thing or two about all these. And still I am able to talk to you for days for Scrap Mechanic even though I’ve spent a fraction of that time playing it. And the reason is it makes your brain work!


You like solving everyday issues, engineering gadgets, building cars and helis, making crazy ideas work, playing with LEGO, testing your brain or programming with logic gates? You would love this!


Implementing what I’ve learned in real life here just makes it run and behave as you would normally. You don’t need grinding, you don’t need any special tools, crafting and so on. You need your great idea and then making it work. And while having so much fun testing new vehicles, designs and testing them in time it is the right moment to present them to you. Here is a list including some of our projects for now:

  • [FH7z] Gecko Truck – best all-around truck in game
  • [FH7z] Simple Copter – flying is fun. We make it happen!
  • [FH7z] Reality Grand Prix – what it takes for a creation to be first on our race track around the map?


We hope we would be able to provide you with those awesome stories until the end of autumn and as always we will keep you updated.


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