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GTA project

UPDATE: On 19th March 2018 we received a message our main account has been banned and will be cleared after A MONTH. This could mean the end of the our great ideas before they were even tried =(( A lot of you asked us for details, so if you are interested read out more HERE!



I’ve played Grant Theft Auto since the first days it was out. It always has been something special – GTA 1. GTA 2, spending days in front of Vice City. Ahh those great days that are never coming back… Or are they?

I’ve descided it is time to test what I’ve been missing for 3-4 years and give GTA a second chance in Nov 2017. What would it feels like, would I like it, what can it offer, is it worth it the big price tag?

After a few months of playing I would warn you that this game is a lot of fun, deeper than you expect, jaw-dropping and strongly addictive!

FunHun7erz MOC (plate KO4KA) parked inside the bunker.

FunHun7erz MOC (plate KO4KA) parked inside the bunker.

The beauty of this product cannot be told in an article or in a single video. The learning curve is steep and the opportunities you have are so many that our staff of four needed months to get into the knowing the game good enough so we can enjoy it, start to explore its secrets and have fun. For the hundreds of hours I’ve spent playing and may be the same amount of researching/gathering information, we’ve learned hole lot of stuff and had so much fun that we decided to work on and bring you awesome videos for you to enjoy. Here are some of them but this is just the start:

  • Guide for new players 0-100lvl (series covering everything from controls, HUD, invites, game-play, etc.)
  • Sandking SBW practical review (cinematic and in-game)
  • Kuruma is dead! Long live the Duke! (cinematic comparison for everyday life use)
  • Buzzard – best vehicle in game EVER! (cinematic review and tutorial)
  • Dream import/exporter (cinematic storytelling)
  • Coquette Convertible practical review (cinematic and in-game)
  • GTA businesses in 2018 (theory and cinematic)
  • GTA bunker missions guide (theory and cinematic)
  • Mystical world of GTA (cinematic series regarding deeper meaning of GTA)

We hope we would be able to provide you with those awesome stories until the end of autumn. Finding out what a powerful tool Rockstar Editor is we would like to take our time and bring you only the best of product. As always we will keep you updated.

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