[FH7z] Gecko Truck review

We all want Lamborghini or Ferrari, don’t we? But in reality we use sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs (SuperUselessVehicles) that are powered by tiny engine compared to one that is inside Dodge Viper. This brings the question if you could have only one car in Scrap Mechanic what would you choose?

“FunHun7erz Gecko Truck is the best every-day vehicle in Scrap Mechanic you can find on the free market today!”, claims the manager behind this massive project.

This is bold statement from a company that has creations as the FHS meter, Stop Watch v1, etc., but we’ve decided to take a deep dive inside the research center and test it out for ourselves. It already had taken place in shooting of few videos so our investigation is still in progress. Please check back later for more…