[FH7z] FHS meter part 1

[FH7z] FHS meter – Top 72 of fastest creations in Scrap Mechanic!

For the first time in Scrap Mechanic you are able to measure speed!


Have you ever wondered “How fast things are moving in Scrap Mechanic?! Is it better to ride our favorite Gecko Truck or is it better to go by foot? What is the difference?”? We asked the same questions and after 6 months of building, testing and documenting the results, we are proud to present our Top 72 list of fastest creation in Scrap Mechanic! (2017-2018 edition)

Today we are presenting speed like never before in our special episode “[FH7z] FHS meter – Top 72 of fastest creations in Scrap Mechanic!”


Don’t forget to check our Wall Of Speed for list of all creations

/link coming with part 2 video of the series/


Links for creations

How to use

  1. Build
  2. Weld to avoid lag (optional)
  3. Press yellow button ONLY ONCE (needed after every re-spawn)
  4. Use red button for reset
  5. After getting the result you are ready for the LAST step – divide 100 by your time and you will receive your speed in FHS!


We hope you enjoy the creation, the project and the presentation. These videos take a lot of time planning, making, shooting and post-producing, so why don’t you check our other projects while waiting for part 2 of our TOP 72 list of fastest creations? Don’t forget that our Patreon page is where you can get insights like behind the scenes, future projects, unpublished materials, polls, contacts with us orrrr just support us =))


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