FH7z Be-156 project

Bold Eagle BE-156

We are glad to present you our biggest and prettiest project yet!

Project name: Bold Eagle BE-156

Have you ever build a RC plane before? We did! And our first tries were big and disappointment failures. After months and years of short flights, long repairs, funny crashes and deciliters of beer I was sick of having planes that are not really fun to fly and maintain. It was frustrating to have so many flights and the longest to be 40 sec, even thou we’ve tried different approaches, builds, etc. Just before I was thinking of quitting DIY planes territory, as a final push the BE-5 Spoktder (which is really a Flite Test Old Speedster) was build. I really took my time making it look as good as I can and it payed back. After few hard days at work I was building it and in the end of the evening I was standing there and just watching how beautiful it was. That was a decisive moment for me:

I would not fly and own an ugly plane from now on!

She didn’t stop to excite me though. It was stable, it flied well even with CG not perfectly set, it didn’t wanted to kill itself like my previous planes, it looks awesome in the sky and it even has a pilot! This was my first plane that I was able to fly until the battery was drained. This was my first plane that I was able to go back home and not having to do any repair work on it (which strangely makes you feel somehow empty. As if you have the feeling you are forgetting something but you don’t know exactly what).

During that period my game interests were changing and I was transferring from World of tanks to War Thunder (which then included only planes). I loved this game and it is worth playing it. That is good reason to check our gaming sections and have a look at what we think about it. It helped me become passionate about flying in general and my love for German WW2 machines made me spend a lot of time reading articles, interviews, watching documentaries, thinking about my favorite planes, learning a lot for physics, tactics, great ideas, etc.

You can see where this is going. While I was not working on my planes I was playing War Thunder or watching YouTube or reading Wiki, or any kind of such activities. In general I prefer building and maintaining my machines than flying them and this somehow the idea evolved.

There was no product – DIY or bought one, known to me that is suitable for my liking. I started believing that I am able to mix my skills, passion, learned lessons and my energy in a project that is never seen so far in RC DIY communities. I would design the plane I always wanted – pretty, durable, FUN!

Initial planning was one thing but the list with ideas for our new Bold Eagle project grew quite a bit and is updated every day. Here is a short view of our main topics:


  • Flexible in pilot skill:
    • Beginner pilots should be able to  fly it.
    • Intermediate pilots should have fun with it.
    • Upper intermediate should have the ability to learn basic aerobatic moves with it.
  • Durable.
  • Take as little time as possible to build.
  • As easy as possible to build.
  • Cheap to build.
  • A lot of upgrades so anyone can customize it for his needs and liking.
  • Transportation with car have to be easy and storage space saving.
  • Be pretty! So pretty you can just sit and watch it for hours.

As my passion is German engineering I was tempted to choose a Luftwaffe design. My past experience with such projects shows that first attempts are rarely the best ones. In addition I thought that the earlier the technology is was produces, the easier to make it and the better it will fly.

I was thinking of He-51, Ju-87 STUKA, He-112 but at the end the winner was… The Russian Polikarpov I-15 =))

What?  But why?

For it’s time the plane was quite ahead and Nikolay Polikarpov was a brilliant engineer with unique ideas. This could be seen in the I-15 and I-16 family and what they were able to offer to their pilots. For example I-15 Чайка (Chaika – Seagull) was the fastest bi-plane, the only one with fordable landing gears, etc. Even against the mighty BF-109 (which in that time was years ahead) I-16 was able to win dogfights in the hands of skilled pilot that new the strengths of the “donkey”.

As for the looks first I-15s were nothing special to me. BiS model made them more to my liking but really I am not able to think of more beautiful and charismatic bi-lane than I-15 Chaika. And if you played War Thunder and tried it with 4xShKAS cannons you would know how deadly it is if you apply the plane strengths in battle. It just ROCKS!

The evolution does not stop here though and I-15 is succeeded by I-16 which is quite astonishing to look at. Stalin saw what they were capable of and I suppose how good they look, so he ordered an aerobatic group of five red planes to be formed and deliver spectating shows during parades and such events that the Russian might should be shown off.

Overall: Great engineering, a lot of firepower, awesome looking, lot of history, early build and all that translates to – INSPIRATIONAL.

So much for now.


To be continued…