First Fail in recording GTA. Rockstar FTW

First day of shooting GTA becomes a deja-poo

We are happy to announce you our first staff meeting for shooting GTA series. Oh, wait… What?!? Emmm, we mean Scrap Mechanic!

It is like a bad curse is upon us on first days of shooting a game. The first day of Scrap Mechanic video was ruined by an update that messed our hole map that we’ve been setting for days. And now we are facing the same bad luck with being banned from GTA for unknown reasons.


[FH7z] Two test Gecko Trucks days before official release

[FH7z] Two test Gecko Trucks days before official release

But every bad thing happens for a good reason and we’ve been able to get ourselves together and utilize the day with our Scrap Mechanic project, we already informed you about. We really had a lot of fun, built a few stuff that could be included in future videos, made some siiiiiiick shots and refined the truck itself. A lot of planning and work went into this review so we would like to polish it as much as we can in next couple of weeks to provide you with best product possible.


[FH7z] Gecko Truck - King of the hill!

[FH7z] Gecko Truck – King of the hill!

Although we were scared of not able to stick to our plan for the release date, being dropped of our GTA project would speed the things up and make it possible to bring it back to schedule. We believe that you will like the end result and the time spent will be worth it!


Does this mean the end of GTA Cinematics for FH7z?

FunHun7erz MOC (plate KO4KA) parked inside the bunker.

FunHun7erz MOC parked inside the bunker.

As we shared in our last post regarding the GTA projects, we all fall in love in this game. Gathering crew of 5 people and meeting to play together made it really fun and unforgettable experience. And while we were wondering about it all, finding the Rockstar Editor and what an awesome tool it is, convinced us all that we HAVE TO do some really cool tutorials, videos and short films. And really they are not so much in the net as they should be, given the power that editor provides.

What stops us?

According to articles and support after the ban is over everything will be cleared. For us this means a lot, including wasting:

FunHun7erz insurgent at bunker doors

FunHun7erz insurgent at bunker doors

  • 619 hours wasted (only on our main account! That has been blocked…).
  • Hundreds of hours wasted watching YouTube videos, reading wiki pages, posts, etc. learning hole lot of stuff.
  • Hundreds of hours wasted thinking of ideas, planning scripts and scenes.
  • Hundred of hours and millions of dollars $ (in-game, but still a lot of grind) wasted on exact vehicles, resprays, equipment and how things would look inside the videos in general.
  • Anybody played this game knows how hard it is to gather 5 people for MC sell for example. Imagine how hard was for 5 people to meet every week and work on that. Now multiply the wasted time for us all.
  • All the energy and emotion went into this project – wasted.

conclusion: Are we wasted?

Well it’s up to Rockstar at the moment. We’ve opened a ticket and their support seems to be quite good but they would not provide information what the ban is for, which is sad as no mods were used by us (we are strongly against such things! A reason our Scrap Mechanic builds are all vanilla, too). We still have hope but morale is low as we would not spend this time grinding for months and months, then planning this all thing again, then gather once more and on top of that we would have to step aside from some of our other projects like Zashev drift videos, SummerTrailer project, Riding the wind project, BE-156 project, etc. And Summer is coming… You get the point.


We will keep you updated but until then, do not forget to check out our Scrap Mechanic Gecko Truck review and HAVE FUN!


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